Internasjonal ekspert til LDH høsten 2019

Med støtte fra The Fulbright Foundation kommer Dianne Morrison-Beedy, Ph.D., RN, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN til LDH i august for å bidra til videreutvikling av Masterstudiet i avansert klinisk sykepleie, med spesialisering i allmennsykepleie. Som Fulbright Specialist vil hun støtte arbeidet med å utvikle nye og ansvarsfulle roller for avanserte kliniske sykepleiere, og hun vil bidra med et internasjonalt perspektiv for at LDHs nye fagplan for bachelorutdanningen skal være en solid plattform for videre klinisk spesialisering på masternivå.

Dianne Morrison-Beedy

LDUC proudly welcomes Dianne Morrison-Beedy, Ph.D., RN, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN as resident Fulbright Specialist from August, to join LDUCs redesign of the master´s program in advanced practice nursing for the specialty of illness management (nurse practitioner). This development will align the LDUCs program with evolving national standards, as well as strengthen the bachelor in nursing program as a platform for advanced practice specialization and national certification.

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice clinicians who provide primary, acute, chronic or specialty care across the lifespan. Dr. Morrison-Beedy represents clinical and academic expertise and served in nurse practitioner practice and leadership positions for almost three decades. Her career in academia includes university leadership as well as the construction and implementation of a nurse practitioner program. Currently, she holds the position of Chief Talent & Global Strategy Officer and the Centennial Professor Nursing at The Ohio State University.
As a Fulbright Specialist, Dr. Morrison-Beedy will conduct workshops to accelerate program and faculty development, with a potential for further international exchange through virtual as well as on-site activities. This Fulbright Specialist Project, made possible by a four-week Specialist grant from the Fulbright Foundation, will provide international input that maintains LDUC as an institution at the cutting edge of development within the nursing profession in Norway. The Fulbright Specialist Program allows overseas universities, cultural centers, non-governmental organizations and other institutions abroad to develop collaborative projects while hosting a leading U.S. academic or professional at their institution to work on diverse, short-term collaborative projects focused on education and training. This project supports critical priorities identified by the LDUC and supported by U.S. embassies and binational Fulbright Commissions abroad.